Painting Your James Hardie Siding

By Arun Ramanathan_CML

Painting Your James Hardie Siding

Painting Your Fiber Cement Siding
Tips Include:
Make sure the fiber cement is free of dirt and mildew
Products from James Hardie, come pre-primed from the factory, so no need to prime it yourself
Use 100% acrylic paint. We like Sherwin-Williams products
Caulk transitions where the siding meets the trim. We use QUAD MAX from OSI
Have a wiping cloth or two, I don’t care how good your are, caulking is messy
Make sure to get the manufacturers recommended sized bead, to insure proper adhesion.
Use a quality airless sprayer with the correct sized tip to apply your paint.
If your brushing on the paint, don’t load up the bristles too much, and make sure to work from top to bottom moving along the grain pattern
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