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PERCHED WATER THIS TIME OF YEAR CAN CAUSE…….Problems with the quality of the footing/foundation system. If you are forming up the footings, you want the area to be as dry as possible. Most inspectors in the states will fail your footing inspection if there is a significant amount of water between the forms. Why? It’s not that water is bad for curing concrete…quite the contrary (water actually helps strengthen the concrete after it sets up).The issue with water under the footing forms for your house foundation involves the possible contamination of the concrete mixture. Water and dirt create mud. If the mud gets mixed in with the concrete as it is placed, it can lead to the weakening of the footings. And since y...

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Custom Railing Panel

Our best customer asked us to install some new panels between the posts on their deck. Along with a total deck resurface, Jayson was able to complete this aesthetic upgrade to their existing outdoor space. Pretty cool design!
We have a dedicated team that builds decks, pergolas, patio covers, outdoor living spaces, and other projects. Pick up you phone and give us a call, 503-363-4136, and a project estimator can help you transform your next home improvement dream into reality.

Painting Your James Hardie Siding

Painting Your Fiber Cement Siding
Tips Include:
Make sure the fiber cement is free of dirt and mildew
Products from James Hardie, come pre-primed from the factory, so no need to prime it yourself
Use 100% acrylic paint. We like Sherwin-Williams products
Caulk transitions where the siding meets the trim. We use QUAD MAX from OSI
Have a wiping cloth or two, I don’t care how good your are, caulking is messy
Make sure to get the manufacturers recommended sized bead, to insure proper adhesion.
Use a quality airless sprayer with the correct sized tip to apply your paint.
If your brushing on the paint, don’t load up the bristles too much, and make sure to work from top to bottom moving along the grain pattern
If you have questions, Ask A Pro

The ultimate garden fence

We pulled out the stops for this ultimate deer fence. Built to last, none of that silly poly mesh that is ugly and cant stand up to father time. Protect your plants and exclude the wildlife!
Save that for the back yard BBQ 🙂

*When building a deer fence it is important to remember that the deer can jump nearly eight feet high.

A Money Saving Upgrade to Protect Your Home

Do you have an older home, particularly one that was framed with two by four walls? Well, we just ran across a home that was built in the late 1950’s, has NO insulation in the walls, and needs new siding. There is a bunch of areas where both dry rot and insect damage have been found, so some repairs need to be made. The home owner wishes to improve the thermal performance of their home, and we recommended that they consider the HardiePlank® lap siding with built-in foam insulation. With an R-Value of 3, it would keep their home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. With new insulation in the wall cavity and the HardiePlank® lap siding with built-in foam insulation, the home owner is completely satisfied with the e...

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We at JForrest Construction really do love what we do! Getting letters of recommendation like this one is the icing on the cake for us 🙂10/28/2014In August of 2014, our house needed repainting. We asked friends on social media to recommend a painter they trusted and one of my wife’s high school class mates, Erin, had quickly responded. Erin said that she works for JForrest Construction and they not only do construction, but they also do painting and many other home related services. We called JForrest right away and Erin came out to our house a few days later. She very quickly and expertly looked at our proposed painting project and provided several options for us. Not only was she very professional, she was very personable and gr...

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That’s right! We have exciting news!
We here at JForrest Construction are so pleased to be growing and expanding. We now have the following divisions:
1) Exterior home remodeling (siding, windows, paint, decks, awnings and more!)
2) Interior home remodeling (bathrooms, kitchens and more!)
3) New construction
And now (drum roll please….)
4) Real estate! Our very own Jeff Starkey now has his real estate license and his license is hung at Home Smart Real Estate!
Looking to buy? Looking to sell? Just curious? Give him a call at (503) 851-4049!

Let us help design and build a Custom Deck for you!

This customer has hired us to re-build a deck on the front of his home and also add an extension that goes over the driveway. We are also re-decking the deck on the back of his house. We also have replaced a roof on his green house with clear corrugated roofing and closure strips. Keep posted for the final pictures!Trust JForrest Construction, Inc. to plan, design and build your next deck project. We can help you in the designing process and cost your job to fit the project within your budget. From minor repairs and re-decks to extensive multi level rebuilds and new construction we have very experienced personnel on hand to tackle any obstacle and produce a finished product of quality craftsmanship. We can use a variety of materials for...

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