Foundations in Winter/Spring

….Problems with the quality of the footing/foundation system. If you are forming up the footings, you want the area to be as dry as possible. Most inspectors in the states will fail your footing inspection if there is a significant amount of water between the forms. Why? It’s not that water is bad for curing concrete…quite the contrary (water actually helps strengthen the concrete after it sets up).The issue with water under the footing forms for your house foundation involves the possible contamination of the concrete mixture. Water and dirt create mud. If the mud gets mixed in with the concrete as it is placed, it can lead to the weakening of the footings. And since your entire house rests on the footings, we don’t want to take the risk. The other problem with water under the footing forms involves the possibility of settlement after the hole dries out. Some soil types expand when mixed with water. If your footings are poured on top of the expanded wet material, your footings may settle when the water goes away. This can lead to future foundation problems.

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